There are so many different options that a person can choose from when it comes to building a structure on their outdoor property, particularly the backyard. The problem with this is that for many home and property owners, deciding on even which type of structure to build can feel overwhelming. To keep the focus of this article simple, arbor designs will be its subject.

 That’s why one of the best moves you could make would be consulting with a company like Timeless Sunsets if your project is anywhere near San Antonio. With their team of skilled arbor design and construction experts (as well as most any other outdoor decorative and functional structures), you can rest assured that you will have one of the most stylish and well-built arbors.


What Makes Arbors Unique from Other Outside Structures?

As briefly mentioned in the opening section of today’s post, there are numerous options available for anyone who wishes to enhance or beautify their outdoor area with a fully or semi-enclosed structure. While these projects are usually very similar in process and materials, the actual design and function are oftentimes very different. Here are a few examples of other choices: 

  •         Decks
  •         Patios
  •         Porches
  •         Gazebos

 Arbor installations are unique in the sense that they are only covered areas, whereas decks usually have no overhead cover, porches have a cover with concrete flooring, patios may be completely closed in and gazebos are only semi-enclosed.


How Many Different Design Options Are There?

Answering this question in full would require an entire series of articles. However, many different arbor designs are simply variations of others so just getting a basic idea of what styles are available can give you enough to go on to choose one for yourself or even create a customized plan.

 Among the many amazing options are things like garden arbor pathways and entrances, cottage style, birdhouse style, Asian style, and nearly countless other arbor design project ideas. Whatever arbor construction style you ultimately choose, just make sure you bring in the right people to take care of it.

 The talented and friendly folks at Timeless Sunsets have been designing and building arbors in and around the San Antonio area for over fifteen years. Don’t even think about starting any type of outdoor patio, deck, or arbor project without at least consulting with these experienced professionals first. You can visit them on their website or give them a call to learn more.