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While a deck cannot increase the square footage of your home, it certainly can add some much-needed living space. Many homeowners may use a deck for an outdoor eating area or simply a gathering area.  Some days, there’s nothing better after a long hot day in the San Antonio sun, than coming home and having a nice bbq in the back yard and eating out with nature. Birds singing, crickets chirping,  and you, sitting there relaxing, enjoying your perfectly cooked t-bone steak! People pay good money for peace and quiet while all you have to do is go to your backyard. With a beautiful deck in your backyard, maybe you can finally get that family game night going after dinner. A backyard deck or patio is the perfect place to relax and have some fun with the family in the great outdoors, without ever having to leave the comfort of your home.  

If you want to spend more time outdoors with your family, a beautiful new deck may be just what your home needs. When properly constructed, a deck can provide your family with a comfortable seating area, a place to host cookouts, or a structure that leads up to your pool.

At Timeless Sunsets Decks and Patios, we pride ourselves on being the premier deck builder in the San Antonio area, and our experienced team can design– and construct – the deck of your dreams.

If you have an existing deck on your property, proper maintenance can extend the life of the structure. If you do experience damage, we can help. There are a variety of common repair needs when it comes to decks, including:

  • Damaged wood planks
  • Loose railings, deck boards, or framing
  • Mildewed or discolored decking
  • Rooted posts
  • Stairs that have rotted

Whether you are looking for a new deck or simply need a decking repair, our experienced deck builders are available to help.

San Antonio's Most Trusted Custom Deck Builder

How nice would it be to go in your backyard on a beautiful summer evening and play board games with the family on a beautifully constructed deck? Maybe you would love to see your kids or grandkids covering your deck in toys and enjoying some fun in the sun. Timeless Sunsets offers you beautiful and quality decks San Antonio. Our team of highly skilled professional deck builders in San Antonio is dedicated to helping you create a beautiful backyard space as your own private getaway. Whether you want a deck space for you to relax and read a good book or to spend time with family and friends, we have exactly what you need. Call us today and see what we can offer you for quality custom decks San Antonio. 

Do you already have a well-constructed deck San Antonio Texas, but it just needs some revitalization to bring life back into it? Our expert team also offers homeowners high-quality deck staining San Antonio. If the stain or paint of your existing deck is fading and it needs a fresh new look, give us a call. Timeless Sunsets can do that too! 

With Timeless Sunsets on your team, you will never have to settle for less than the best designed and built deck possible for you and your home. We are dedicated to delivering high-quality projects to our customers, every time. We don’t cut corners. We don’t overcharge you for our services. We are not just “another deck and patio company”, we are THE deck and patio company you want on your side, San Antonio. With us by your side, you can be confident that you will get exactly what you want and need every time, guaranteed.