Some of the most beneficial and rewarding improvement projects a person can take out on their home are arbor designs and additions. They are also some of the most functional renovations you could make as well. But the truth is that there are many homeowners who have never taken much time to actually research the various features and luxuries that arbors provide.

What Exactly Is an Arbor?


It’s easy to get confused when there are so many outdoor and backyard property accessories available. From patios and decks to arbors to gazebos, what’s the difference? Well, in sticking specifically to the topic of arbor construction, it’s a customizable outdoor structure that attaches to outside doorways and various entranceways of your home or structure.

The reason structure is mentioned is because they don’t just have to be built on a home. They can be the entrance to a gardening building or greenhouse, an outdoor kitchen or social area or even other options. But no matter where they are ultimately installed, the best thing about them is their incredible diversity of use. Here are a few examples of what an arbor design project offers:

  •         Relaxing social area
  •         Cover for outdoor cooking or barbecuing (if built tall enough)
  •         Family/Friends entertainment and games
  •         Hosting outdoor lunches/dinners


Who Can You Trust for Such an Important Job?

In the San Antonio area, there is one company that has more than 15 years of experience and knows how to create custom arbor designs, as well as working off of existing plans or pre-designs. Their name is Timeless Sunsets Decks and Patios and they have probably installed some of your family, friends, and/or neighbors’ outdoor structures already.

You have to remember, this is not taking in a lawnmower for some repair work. This is most likely your most valuable investment by far. Having any type of contracting or construction work done on your home or property is putting the most important financial asset that most people have into someone else’s hands. Those hands have to be skilled and trustworthy.  

So no matter what type of vision you have for the perfect arbor design project, the experts at Timeless Sunsets can get it built. All you have to do is visit them online or give their offices a call as soon as you are ready. It’s important to note that this is the time of year where a business is at its peak, so the sooner you get in touch, the sooner you can have your new arbor.


Installing a Decorative Patio in Your Backyard

There are many reasons that homeowners would want to have a decorative patio added to their outdoor area. The convenience and property values alone make it more than worth taking on the project. This is also a very common improvement task performed by owners who are getting ready to sell their property.

 But most frequently of all, custom patios are the perfect project for people who want to add some visual quality to their outdoor area, as well as create a multi-use structure. For folks who live in and around the San Antonio area, Timeless Sunsets Decks and Patios have been handling these and many other backyard construction tasks for over 15 years.


Can It Be Decorative and Functional?

Absolutely! In fact, one of the things that makes concrete patios so popular is the fact that they can be installed to look appealing while offering a lot of durability and use. Obviously, they are great places to relax. But they can also offer a number of other simple uses as well. Here are a few quick examples:


  •         Placing things while packing and unpacking from trips
  •         Storing outdoor items such as BBQ pits or pool equipment
  •         Keeping furniture or appliances during repairs or other work
  •         Cover for outdoor pets


This is only a brief list of the many small and big conveniences that adding a decorative patio can bring to your home. It’s also a great place to just sit and enjoy a cup of coffee on a lazy morning. It also serves well as an area for folks to get out of the sun without going inside if you are entertaining or cooking outdoors.

Is There a Variety of Design Options?

When you are talking about customizable structures of this sort, there are nearly limitless design possibilities. Using stamped concrete and the best materials for other aspects of the job, Timeless makes sure that their customers get the highest quality structure possible. That is not only true of a decorative patio, but of any other building that you want them to design and install as well.

 Now that you can clearly see how important it is to make sure that you get the exact custom patio design that you want, it’s probably also clear that Timeless Sunsets is the only choice when it comes to installation. Visit them online to schedule a consultation as soon as possible. You can also give their San Antonio offices a call to set up an appointment as well.