Depending on which you prefer, arbors/pergolas are beautiful garden accents to have. They are functional, provide privacy and they can beautifully define an entryway or garden.

But more often people confuse the two because they are a lot more similar and you may find them being used interchangeably.

They are typically made of wood with a roof design featuring cross beams and often they support vines and other climbing plants and flowers, which make them decorative.

But, how do you tell the difference between the two, stick around to find out?

Arbors and Pergolas: What Sets Them Apart?

  • Purpose

The easiest way to tell the difference between arbors vs pergolas is in their use.

An arbor is smaller and is usually placed on entryways. Their main purpose is beauty and they may also provide a small shade for two people to sit.

A pergola is much bigger, usually designed to provide shade for a gathering. This place can be used for absolutely everything, from hosting family and friends, relaxing and more.

They can be located over decks and patios or connected to the side of your home.

  • Appearance

Pergolas and arbors are different in the way they look. 

Arbors are made with two or four posts and they usually have a slatted or an arched roof. Pergolas on the other hand are made with four or more posts and often have flat roof designs.

Additionally, pergolas can be covered with curtains for privacy and to act as a barrier, unlike arbors which are usually left open.

  • Installation

While the installation process of both a pergola and an arbor are quite the same, the difference largely depends on the materials being used, size, shape, and whether you’re going for a premade kit or DIY design.

But the major difference is in time taken; pergolas are large so the installation process will take much more time.

The costs of both are also different. Pergolas are more expensive compared to arbors.

So, if you’re looking to change things up in your yard with either pergola or an arbor, these are the key differences that set them apart.

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