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Create a beautiful outdoor space with a custom-designed and professionally-installed pergola or trellis. These structures are prized in today’s market due to their aesthetic simplicity, energy efficiency, and versatility. When you add a pergola to your deck, it can create continuity between our outdoor and indoor spaces, extending your available living space outward into your backyard.

In addition to increasing your available living space, adding a pergola or trellis to your yard can offer a variety of benefits:

  • Provide support to landscaping features, including climbing flowers, ivy, and vines
  • Define the boundaries of your outdoor living space
  • Provide a shady area to relax outdoors on a hot summer day
  • Serves as an affordable way to improve the structure and appearance of your backyard

If you are in the market for a new trellis or pergola, contact us at Timeless Sunsets Decks and Patios today to schedule your free estimate.


We are the pergola and trellis company San Antonio Texas that you can trust to deliver exactly what you want and need every time. Our team at Timeless Sunsets is experienced in all types of patios, pergolas, arbors, and quality custom decks San Antonio. 

Pergolas can be a fun and decorative way to shade a deck or patio area. Their more open design gives you the option of placing climbing vine plants at the base and watching the magic as these vines turn your deck or patio into a magical garden. You may be wondering if that is what a pergola is useful for, then what is a trellis and how is it different from a pergola? A trellis is a piece of framework (commonly made of wood or latticework) that is typically built specifically for decorative purposes and can be built alongside a wall for support or be freestanding in a backyard or garden. Trellises can also give you the ability to have climbing vines, but are typically not as big as a pergola and can therefore be used in smaller areas of your backyard or garden. Whichever you choose for your deck and patio decor (or both if that is what you desire), give us a call. Our team of trellises and pergolas San Antonio building experts can help you choose the style that fits best with your home and deliver exactly what you want every time. 


The real magic happens when your custom-built pergola is completed and it begins to provide a magical oasis in your backyard. You’re only limited by your imagination when it comes to designing and decorating your customized pergola San Antonio. If you want extra seating options, great, we will build that too. We will build your dreams into a beautiful, relaxing reality. 

Pergolas extend your outdoor living space and can even be built to fit a modest budget. Homeowners search for new ways to enjoy their backyard area. Pergolas, trellises, gazebos, and arbors help transform your backyard into a picturesque sanctuary that you and your family and friends can enjoy for seasons to come. Give us a call today, or fill out the form and let us help you build your dreams into reality. With our expert pergola and arbors San Antonio design team you can finally have your backyard or garden exactly the way you have always imagined it.