A pergola is what many people refer to as a patio roof. They can increase the outdoor living space and provide protection from the wind, rain, sun, and other outdoor elements. Pergolas can either be attached or detached from the home and they are composed of posts, beams, and rafters. Pergolas differ from gazebos in that their roofs are usually flat, whereas the roof of a gazebo is pitched. Additionally, a gazebo is more often a freestanding structure while pergolas are often attached to the home.

Pergola designs come in many shapes, sizes, styles, and colors. It can seem like a major challenge trying to find the top choice for your home in San Antonio. The best pergola designs are those that complement your house while adding value and also fitting within your budget.

What am I Designing my Pergola for?

 When deciding on a pergola, you may want to consider what the pergola itself is being designed for. This in addition to other factors can heavily contribute to the design of the pergola itself. Some things to consider are as follows:

  • Orientation – will it be facing the west, south, north, or east?
  • Materials – what materials will be used in its construction?
  • Budget – will your budget be enough for the largest expenses of materials and labor?
  • DIY vs. Contractor – who will build it?
  • Building Codes – most structures require permits before construction. Can you obtain the needed permits before construction?

 A beautifully designed and constructed pergola can add to the value of a house can increase the amount of time you and your family spend outdoors. The growing admiration of outdoor living spaces can also add to a home’s curb appeal. This makes these important questions to consider when thinking about and designing a pergola.

The Average Cost of a Pergola? 

The cost of a pergola can vary quite considerably depending on the size, design, placement, and types of materials used. Average costs tend to vary between $2,500 and $6,000. A traditional design composed of solid wood averages about $3,500 per 10 square feet. However, materials such as aluminum and vinyl can significantly reduce the cost of pergola installation.

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