As summer is fast approaching, you know exactly where you want to spend most of your time- outdoors.  

Having a relaxing outdoor structure makes that more enjoyable. But how do you create a deck that meets all your needs?

The following are some aspects to consider before installation.

  • The decking material

Many homeowners are usually surprised that besides wood decks, there are other decking materials.

Engineered wood for example is a popular decking material that imitates the look of wood but it is low maintenance as compared to wood decking.

 Vinyl is also another favorite material, they come in beautiful color options and they are low maintenance. So, take your time to explore all the options.

  • The design

In order to add the most value to your home, make sure the design completes your home. Let it seamlessly blend so it looks as if it was built on the same day as your home.

  • Evaluate your foundation

A sturdy foundation is vital to the stability and safety of your deck. So, ensure your footings are set in concrete below the frost line. 

Also, check your foundation to avoid drilling through unexpected rock layers.

  • Check local building codes

Adhering to the local building codes will ensure your deck is structurally okay and safe for use. Ensure the contractor you hire obtains the necessary permits before constructing your deck.

  • Get to know required maintenance tips for your decking

Wood decking is high maintenance, follow the manufacturer’s recommendation on how often they should be refinished. 

Vinyl and engineered wood are low maintenance, but you may still have to keep their routine inspection as often as possible.

Where to find deck contractors in San Antonio

If you’re interested in building a deck, there are so many qualified experts in San Antonio.

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