Aluminum is a great material when looking for patio covers. It offers many benefits such as:

● Durable – waterproof and weather-resistant, resulting in many years of enjoyment.
● Low Maintenance – naturally resistant to corrosion and rust, meaning it is almost completely maintenance-free.
● Lightweight – no need to worry about the reinforcement of a foundation or supporting structure walls with this strong but lightweight building material.
● Flexible – high flexibility due to a high yield strength gives aluminum an advantage over other building materials.
●Easy To Customize – almost anything and everything is possible with aluminum, all of its features combined make it especially easy to customize and build your dream patio cover.

Duralum Patio Covers vs Alumawood, Which is Better?

Duralum aluminum patio covers feature a combination of a lifetime warranty, low maintenance, and excellent looks, which make it a great cover choice. The lifetime warranty is transferable, meaning it will likely be the last patio cover you ever have to purchase. It will also never need paint as it has a Teflon coating that resists dirt build-up. Additionally, worries about dry rot or a termite infestation is a thing of the past with a Duralum patio cover.
Alumawood shares many of the same features with Duralum. These features include a Teflon coating that helps to resist dirt build-up meaning it will never need a new coat of paint. It also features great looks, a lifetime warranty, and is nearly maintenance-free. Additionally, there is no need to worry about rot, rust, or termite infections.
It is hard to pin down which one is definitively better as they both look and behave similarly. In addition, both types have very similar warranties. The choice ultimately comes down to which one offers the colors and looks that you would prefer to add to your home.

How Much Does an Aluminum Patio Cover Cost?

The average patio cover cost is about $1,000 per 10 ft by 10 ft cover. Typically the average aluminum patio cover costs around $3,500 with a range of about $2,000 to $5,000. There are many factors that can go into the final price like size, materials, options, and job difficulty. However, a fairly standard and straightforward job can be estimated based on the size needed.